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About the Author

Andrew Norton is a senior lecturer in physics and astronomy at the Open University in the U.K. He has a PhD in high energy astrophysics from the University of Leicester and carries out research on stars and planets. He lives in a small market town in north Buckinghamshire with his wife and three children, where the skies are sometimes dark enough to see the stars. His interest in planets around other stars was triggered as a child by the TV adventures of Captain James T. Kirk and his crew. He is amazed that recent discoveries seem to suggest that we may indeed live in a Star Trek universe.

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About the Illustrator

Christy Croll, a science teacher turned illustrator, gets inspiration from her daughter and family life on a tiny Texas farm. She celebrates the natural desire of people, young and old, to explore our universe-the one we see each day and the one we imagine.

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Inside This

Jig,Jiggle, Sneeze

By Joy Vitalis, Illustrated by Jan Dolby

Follow Rhina O'Virus, a mischievous rhinovirus, on a jolly romp into the nose of an unsuspecting little girl. Rhina sneaks into a building (a nose cell) with her special key and once safely inside she finds the cell's copying machinery and copies herself to make a whole lot of playmates. They jig and they jiggle, they wiggle and dance, they rollick and frolic, they play hide and seek and they play Marco Polo until uh-oh... .the body's police force attacks and soon, Whoaah-ah-ah-choo... . With 32 pages of whimsical text and illustration, this story describes the process of viral infection, the immune response and the mechanism of contagion of the common cold.

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